Underwhelmed & Aggrieved


There is nothing more calming than returning to the studio after a taxing journey. I spent the last week galivanting through the streets of Seoul, South Korea. In the moments between shoveling food into my face and criticizing other people (to the elation, confusion, and dismay of my other selves), I thought. I thought of many things, pots, myself, others. Specifically, I thought of social media, my relationship to it and my opinion of it.  A great wealth of marketing capacity, and an opportunity to tell a story.  A story.  We are all telling stories here and I must confess It is incredibly difficult to find a story worth hearing and even harder to find a story worth telling. I am underwhelmed by trite process narratives and aggrieved by a dearth of intellect. So here I sit, evacuating my cognitive bowels while searching for a story, something authentic, something of value. Something that probably doesn’t exist.